GAME OVER: The End of Mana Bar Melbourne


This week Skaidris and Bonnie discuss the final moments of Mana Bar Melbourne, read aloud some Mr Potato Head Erotic Fan Fiction, talk about the new bar, live streaming and discuss GTA V!

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Live From The Basement


Our brave hosts Skaidris and Bonnie begin the search for a possible new location for a bar. Skai brags about his mad StreetPassing Skills we discuss our thoughts on Disney Infinity and Leeshi chimes in with her general disappointments.

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Mana Bar Infinity


On this weeks episode we talk about our vision of Mana Bar 2.0, Disney Infinity, Magic the Gathering and Payday 2!

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Save Your Mana! The Return of The Revenge!

imageWell here we are! After taking a break from the Podcast game to kick up my game at Mana Bar for almost 2 years sadly Mana Bar Melbourne is closing down.

What i’m looking to to here over the next month is try and restart the Podcast with the latest on what’s happening with the Bar, Save Your Mana and the future of our community!

Joined by the Trusty Bonnie Bradly we’re going to have some fun, give away some free stuff and try and keep you all up to date on Geeky stuff happening in Melbourne!

(Note the competition date mentioned in this episode has obviously been extended to the 22nd)

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Oh you.

Oh you.

MC Lars

I was lucky enough to get hold of Rapper MC Lars during his tour of the UK with Wheatus to talk about his upcoming Edgar Allen Poe EP, some of his inspirations, Nerdcore as a genre, religion and his tour in Australia later in the year.

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Zelda Universe

This week i talk with Cody Davies, the webmaster of Zelda Universe, one of the largest Legend of Zelda Fansites on the internet today.

We discuss the suspicious Zelda timeline, the fans, the Top Geek competition and the political history of the website.

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Xena: Warrior Fandom

This episode i talk to professional Xena Cosplayer Kelly “Xena” Mitchell about what it’s like to emotionally identify with fictional characters and also about what kinds of strong female/male/transgender and gay role models are on Television today.

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Find Kelly at www.ilovexena.com 

Casey Jones The Movie

This week i chat with Polaris Banks the Director of Casey Jones, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spin off film.

We discuss how to find Ninjas through Craigslist, the perils of making fan films, how cartoons in the 90’s shaped us in our adulthood and what other comic book adaptations we would like to see brought to the silver screen.

Stay tuned for an intensely nerdy conversation about not only Ninja Turtles but Alternate Universe Batman, Spider-Man 2099, Ren & Stimpy, Gargoyles & the return of the Cyber Punk genre.

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Remove The Head and The Fun Wont Die

Humans VS Zombies is a week long epic Nerf powered Zombie Apocalypse game played throughout the world. Today i talked to Connor & Tim, 2 of the Melbourne organizers of the game to try and shed a bit of light on what the game actually is, how to best survive the Zombie Apocalypse and finding love in all the wrong places.

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